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    Post Implementation of a test server

    Hello ArticGunZ players,

    I come to inform about this implementation of a test server apart of the release server.
    (We call release because we have more instances of test, and now we will add one more)

    First at all, I will explain how ArticGunZ works in a implementation of updates and features.

    1. In the first instance, a developer, who programs in the server, makes the feature from our own source code, which is shared among all the developers of the servidor that works together.
    2. After this, that developer, to prove that that feature is working well, join in a debug server (private, in which no users joins and of debugging to fix all the bugs of the feature). And in the final, if it is confirmed that that the feature works fine, it's implemented on the release server (where all the users plays).
    3. Now will be added a new instance, a server called test server, in where all the players that wants help the server can join before the update is added in the release server to confirm that all is working perfect (yes, you or whoever can join if you want), to help us to test in a general way, with different operative systems (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, etc) and see if it works well in all the differents situations.


    Administrator, why you are doing this now?

    We will do it from now because the latest update that caused a lot of errors, even when we tested it with the due process (development, testing, debug, etc). It caused a terrible error and screenlag that obligate us to do this, to test all the features before adding them to the release server and in this way, be more secure.

    And admin,how can we help?
    It's simple, before update the release server with the next features, this ones will be tested on the test server, and at the same time we will communicate via forums to all the testers so they can join to the test server and check it so we can see if all of it is working perfect.

    How will this help the server?
    Would help in the way that the release server would become more stable and less prone to go offline, and, if something happens, the test server will go offline and not the release server, where all the players plays.. if it would happen it would be a headache.

    Ok admin, I understand all, but, how we will join in this server, it's the same client?
    No, this will be a server apart, with a client apart. I mean, the only thing you must do is copy and paste the current ArticGunZ folder as is it, but, later you have to download a different GunzLauncher, which one will update that client with all the test server files. Can I explain myself? You will have two folders: one will be the folder which one you will use to join into the release server, to play as a normal user, and later you will have the second folder which one you will use to join into the test server, and you will be a Tester.

    Will be the same accounts?
    Yes, all will be the same as in the release server.

    And when will we join in this server?
    The estimated time of arrival is a few days from now, we need to test some few things from the latest update that weren't added yet and could cause some errors if we don't check this all first.

    Already announced it, hope you can help the server to keep it up and work in all the users suggestions to add in the server as the community wants, because that's why we are here, to work in the users suggestions and do it without causing problems to the people in the server

    That's all, thanks for going through the thread and read.

    Yours truly,
    ArticGunZ Development Team
    EntityGaming Network Administration

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