I'm a graphic design student who will be graduating in two months. I've literally been raised on Macs and generally love them.
There are various reasons to me considering switching to the dark side:
1. I find it slightly irritating how every designer uses a mac. If you go in to an art school, every-one has a Macbook Pro.
If you showed-up with a Thinkpad, people would actually give you weird looks.
Its purely snobbery, nothing more.
2. Maybe, just maybe, windows might be better more functional.
Outside of using a semi-broken Dell at work for the occasional spreadsheet and swearing at IE5, my windows experience / knowledge is minimal.
Seven looks rather functional in terms of its UI and all the software I use for work is available for Windows. Some things may even work better, like Flash, even though we all want it to die.
3. Hardware prices.
Macs are occasionally more expensive. There's no arguing it. Yes they are cheaper than they used to be but for the money you'd put down on a Macbook Pro, you could get something far more potent from the windows camp.
If I was to switch to PC, I'd want something pretty professional. Probably a thinkpad, as they're so brutally utilitarian.
Anyway, can some-one who has literally been raised on Mac OS, switch to windows easily? Especially a designer. Or is too much of a headache to change platform?

Any help will be apprecited.

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