I'm attempting to get a somewhat seamless wireless setup going on at our facility.
As it sits, I have a Merkai MR18 in a ticketbooth in our parking lot. I have a WNDR3700 in my office ~100' away. Both are set to the same SSID, WPA2, etc. Both are set to have the channels automatically select (I haven't been able to find a setting in the Merkai dashboard to actually specify a specific channel)
If I'm in the parking lot, it connects to the Merkai just fine. Going inside up to my office, it attempts to hold on to the Merkai signal, which by that point is nearly non existent (it shows connected on my phone, but no "bars"). The WNDR3700 at this point is 10' from my phone.
Ideally, it would switch to the strongest signal, but it doesn't seem to be doing that unless I turn off wifi on the device, then turn it back on. As I use a SIP app to connect to our local Asterisk server, I need the ability to seamlessly roam throughout the facility without it reconnecting. Is this possible? I have other AP's that I would like to place elsewhere, but I wanted to get the 2 playing together nicely first. The facility is ~140,000 sq ft, indoor and outdoor campus style layout. As we're a non-profit with next to no tech budget, I'm dealing with hardware I can get cheap or donated (WNDR3700, WRT54G's, etc)
As we primarily use Android's and iPhones for ticketing and such, I'm not sure if this is a network issue or a device issue.

Any help will be apprecited.

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