I have a problem when playing Portal 2 online with my 11 year old nephew--namely that I'm hearing a echo of my own voice with about a 1 second or so delay. It drives me nuts and I don't know what would be causing it.Facts on the ground: my machine is a Windows 10 PC on a Z170-A motherboard with some flavor of Realtek built-in sound hardware. My headset is an older Sennheiser PC150 (I think) with separate analog mini-jacks for mic and headphones, plugged into the front headphone/mic ports of my FD Define R5 case. He's on a Macbook Air of some kind, with a Turtle Beach headset (I assume USB).We're just using the in-game Portal 2 voicechat, not the Steam one (when we switched to the latter for some reason he wasn't hearing me anymore and we gave up). Anything I should be checking for?

Please help.

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