I recently started using UMS with PS4 (previuosly I owned a PS3), and I noticed that during streaming PS4 abruptly stops playing and goes back to DLNA server selection, where UMS has disappeared. I have latest SW versions of both UMS and PS4 firmware installed.
Browsing through logs nothing comes out apart from a "ALIVE..." message every 3 minutes. Then, exactly 20 minutes after streaming start, a "Stop" event is logged.
No packet loss or errors are logged. The only way to come back live is to close "Media Player" on PS4 and fire it up again.
Please note I have both my PS4 and my PC where UMS with DHCP IP addresses, as I previously read in the forum that setting static IP could solve this issue. Anyway, I would not be keen to set a static IP address... and furthermore I would like to know why it happens...
Any idea?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.