I am getting mixed results with the LRC lyric file downloads. I was able to download LRC files from the Tag Editor in VDJ v8.1, but the last download was 11/25/2015. I am able to edit those files in a third party text editor, like Sublime. I tried making my own, using a successful download as an example, but VDJ does not seem to know it is available. Tech Support asked me to create this thread from my ticket, so...
Does anyone know how to get VDJ v8.1, running on Windows 10, to add new LRC files? I can manually make them, using an Excel spreadsheet I created. It takes an interim edit to set the '00:00:00' start and remove tabs, but makes files that look great. I can pull lyrics from anywhere, then use it to make my own. None of that matters until VDJ can figure out how to connect them. I'd be willing to edit the DATABASE.XML file... just need to know what eh application is looking for.
Any ideas? Anyone?

Please help.

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