It seems like the fad of the year was survival crafting sandbox with zombies for a long time but then last year things moved full speed into 'arena shooter with moba abilities' under the 'hero shooter' moniker. Only it seems that super quickly the audience has exhausted of this already. Overwatch was easily the biggest winner but it seems to be quieting down as the audience is asking "when are we getting more story rather than prequel stuff or map/character introductions? what happened after winstons message sent out and why are people like Mei mercilessly killing other people for points to begin with?" for example and thats the biggest winner of the lot. Things like Paladins never really got big and just chug along, Battleborne and Lawbreakers are dead as a game can get and still have servers up at this point. It seems like the consumer is tiring of this fad and moving onto the PUBG clone fad along with developers much quicker than it took to get over the sandbox crafting meme.


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