Playing through my new xbones lit of small exclusive sequels i've noticed a very specific trend between the ones that are a successful sequel and the ones that arent so much. The prime examples are Halo 5 and Gears of War 4. In Halo 5 they really want to rock the boat. Trouble is they don't do it in a way that plays to what made Halo the first console shooter to be a hit since Goldeneye. Wide sandbox areas with vehicles, multiple ways to take on any set piece conflict and a cast that had just enough banter to be likeable yet quiet enough to be the immersive power fantasy character that brings the player into the action ala Classic Master Chief, Gordon Freeman or Agent 47 to name a few. The story is a dramatic right turn after a key character was killed off to push her as a Siri competitor for smartphones and 'distance her from gaming' which bombed but now shes back as a villain which completely neuters the last games impact while not bringing anything new in return. To say nothing of the same boss like 7 times and gameplay designed to chase another games audience rather than be original and distinct. Its a sequel to a 7 strong series at the time including spin offs that seems universally agreed upon to have fun multiplayer but the worst campaign in the franchise. They took a risk and it did not work.


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