Disclaimer: please be accurate in your posts, because someone might buy the game based off this thread/your posts (i.e. me), and it would, well, suck if they bought something they thought had a big online community and actually had a very small one.My contribution to start with:WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne.
I don't know about the vanilla multiplayer (probably still going, but haven't checked in a year). But the original DotA is still very much alive and kicking. Finding a game takes less than 5 minutes at any hour of the day. As well, some custom maps such as TowerDefense are still active. Unfortunately, not many maps except those two are still being played, though.

This got me thinking: it's very, very impressive for a game to still have an active online community after over a decade on the market, competing with all these other new games. That's a true testament to quality, right there.


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