Last time Sony released ps+ subscribers the numbers were like 26M. Under half the 60M+ userbase. For xbox it must be around half the userbase too. Nintendo will soon join the party.Many games are now online or service based and online fees basically cut the ptential buyers in half, so why aren't publishers screaming against it? I doubt they get a cut (do they?). I think I remember reading something about activision getting a cut of xbox live on their old COD deal.

Although I mostly play single player games, I know I haven't bought some games because of paid online. I would love to buy Monster Hunter World on launch for PS4 but I will wait for the pc release because of PS+. The other game I won't buy if features are locked behind PS+ is the upcoming Media Molecule Dreams, which is published by Sony themselves.

For the platform holder of course it makes sense to charge, they earn billions out of it, but why aren't publishers pushing against it? Consumers already failed to push against it, publishers are probably the only interested party who could still make a strong case. Are us non-subscribers just thrash, low profit, users that they won't bother engaging in arguments with platform holders to sell their games to us?


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