Is there any legitimacy to this today? From what I understand, Sony and Microsoft don't front dedicated servers for third party games on the platform. Discord is free and the current king of VOIP (dunno how they afford this) for gaming on PC. You're still seeing advertisements on the dashboard of consoles despite paying for access.

Digital purchases generally aren't carrying over between new console successors, whether due to architecture changes on hardware or lazy backwards compatibility and lack of patches. On PC, we own our games forever and generally don't have to worry about losing them or having to buy them again when upgrading our PC. I shed a tear for my wallet when I think of all the games I've bought digitally on console that I can no longer play because they were exclusive or and not ported to XB1 or PS4. Some of those games I already owned hard copies of (Wild Arms, Halo) but bought them digitally and basically lost access to them when the next console came. Meanwhile on PC, there's tons of emulators made by teams in their basement across the globe made available for free - surely consoles patching our old games to work on new systems would be easy, but maybe it's a licensing issue. Why don't the PSN/XBL costs cover these types of customer service of legacy carryovers from last gen?


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