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    2017 Team Assassination Tournament

    Welcome to the first 2017 Artic GunZ 4vs4 TA (Team Assassination) Tournament!
    Please note that any off topic/troll comments are highly prohibited.


    * 4v4.

    * Game mode: TA (Team Assassination)

    * Number of participants 16 team of 4 players.

    Rank 1,2 and 3 wins a prize.


    * T.A (Team Assassination)

    They system will be 4v4. (16 teams of 6 players including substitutes)

    * First team to win 11 rounds will declared the winner team and move onto the next round.

    * If a draw occurs it will be a rematch 10 rounds, first to 6 wins.

    * Each round will have a 5 minute time limit.

    Maps: Town / Factory / Garden / Castle / Mansion / Battle Arena


    A replay must be taken, if we prompted.

    * You must be Level 45+ to play the tournament.

    Having the same name or a similar name is not allowed.

    You are to pick and agree from the following maps; Town, Factory, Garden, Castle, Mansion, Battle Arena

    * Both teams must agree on a map (doesn't matter which map). If both teams will disagree about the map, I will be picking the map for them.

    No spectators are allowed aside from Staff Members (Staff Members can participate as well if they'd like to)

    You are not allowed to have anyone else play the tournament for you (we will check the IP logs of every player)

    Any sort of rude or unwanted behaviour will not be tolerated, nor will any other punishable offences (spiking, lagging, etc)

    If anyone disconnects without a valid reason for the disconnection then the other team will not be forced to wait more than 3 minutes. That's why you must have your substitutions able to play and players ready / available to play.

    You are not allowed to participate in more than 1 team, meaning your friends may not register you for their team when you are on someone else's - you may only be on one team. If you are caught on more than 1 team, both teams will be disqualified.

    Donation or Event items are not allowed.

    Camping isn't allowed.

    * No use of 3rd party programs will be condoned. If anyone is caught using them, he will be disqualified and his account will be permanently banned from the server.

    Failure to follow the instructions & rules will result in a disqualification.


    * Any choice of clothing is permitted except full white sets, avatars and donation/event clothing.

    You can equip the below Shotguns: Pioneer, Breaker 8 or Breaker 9. (NOTE: you may equip those)

    Maximum stats for all players 120 HP and 110 AP.


    If anyone is caught using more than the HP/AP allowed by the rules, the team will be disqualified.

    Only the items listed will be permitted, any other items found will result in a team-elimination from the Tournament.


    I would like to announce we gonna give some new prizes for the Tourney Champions.

    * First Place Prize: The entire team (including substitutes) will get the new items. Also, 250 Donator coins + 500 Event coins.

    Second Place Prize: Each player will receive 200 Donator coins + 400 Event coins. *this includes substitutes*

    * Third Place Prize: Each player will receive 150 Donator coins + 300 Event coins. *This includes substitutes*


    Link to sign up for Tou​rnament:


    If there are any comments or questions or concerns, feel free to private message to me for assistance.

    From all the Staff of
    Artic GunZ

    With kind regards,

    Ryuzu & Marionette ~

    Thanks to my brother Zachary for the amazing Rules.
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