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    [Artic GunZ] Update on work-progress

    Dear Users,

    I would like to update you on the work that we have done until now, it has been a long time since we have been assessed to the job on bringing the server back to where it belongs. This should have been realized much earlier, however unfortunately there has been much delay from internal and external factors keeping the innovation on a hold. Which is extremely saddening for you.

    Server stability

    The GunZ server that we run has been disconnecting much times lately due to the servers being instable and by an attack which comes from an alliance of Korean & Japanese working together with another private server. We already have protection for this and we will switch servers which will make the server stable and in consequence that it won't disconnect users.


    We have added recently an very experienced veteran to improve our anti-hack. This should have been done much earlier, but as I mentioned earlier there have been internal factors who have delayed this process. But what will this improvement do? This improvement will make it very hard for hackers to be cheating on our server. An example for this is the removal of Themida, our security system. This is very outdated and makes the game slow and lagging for many players. The removal of this will hopefully make the game faster and more enjoyable for the users. This will also likely result in an increase in FPS for many users who do not have a good PC. In replacement of Themida there will be implemented a different security system which will be much more advanced and thereby take care of the hitbox & aimfix issue, which has been terrorizing the server for the last year at a minimum.
    Design & Interface

    The plan is to bring a complete new interface that matches the corporate identity of Artic GunZ. The current interface that we have as of right now will be removed. We already have the design in mind that we want. This just has to be completed, yet again this has been delayed by internal factors.

    Bugs on the website and in-game
    We are known with the fact that there are many errors and bugs in the game and on the website, however we prioritise the server stability and anti hack for the reason that they are more urgent and ruin the fun of players on a bigger scale. This does not mean that there will be no attention to this problem. We have the intention to get a solution for this as soon as possible once the main urge has been fixed.

    Question: Will all the accounts be unbanned after the new anti cheat is implemented?
    Yes, every person has the chance to unban his or her account, each member will have to make an un-ban thread which will be accepted automatically by GunnyX and Jackes. The members who have been banned by (money-related) fraud will not be unbanned. That's the only blacklist that will remain. Every user will start with a new future. Do not ruin it for yourself.

    Question: What is the plan on future events? Will there be a tournament?
    Yes, there is a plan for a Artic GunZ Tournament that will be hosted in December. Cash prize money is involved in this tournament. We will update you guys on this tournament half-November. This includes innovations on security i.e. ways of making the game fair for everyone and a tournament commission which will keep track on the staff team so that the rules are followed strictly at all times.

    Question: What is the deadline for every update, is it 1 November?

    It was used to be 1 November, thanks to internal and external factors it is most likely that this date will not be realistic. Our excuses for the inconvenience.

    Question: Will the crosshair_pick return? this makes it easier to aim
    Yes this will most likely return, there will always be ways to make new shot bots. We have belief in our staff team in detecting these hacks. This does not mean that we won't take security measures for this type of hack.

    Question: I do not get the e-mail when I want to register or make changes to my account, what should I do?
    It is always possible to change your e-mail, you simply have to send a PM to an administrator who will take care of this. In addition to that it is advisable to use an Gmail e-mail address, rather than an hotmail e-mail address. Hotmail often ignores the e-mail and does not show it in your inbox, however we are working on a solution for this, please stay patient.

    Question: Why is everything going so slow? everything should of been fixed a long time ago!
    That's true. We have been delayed a big time by not receiving the right tools to work with and other factors such as certain staff members being occupied. There is nothing to do for that, everyone has their lives and needs to fulfil their responsibilities. The fact that everything is delayed does not mean that we are not working. We are plotting and planning to make the server great again for you guys.

    These are the main questions pertaining the server. Do not hesitate to message me with your (new) questions in a PM or in this thread. I will update them in as soon as I have seen them.

    With kind regards,

    Artic GunZ Administration

    The less you reveal, the more people can wonder..

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    Re: [Artic GunZ] Update on work-progress

    I have no doubt that the new ArticGunZ development team is working hard, I hope to see these updates as soon as possible.

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    Re: [Artic GunZ] Update on work-progress

    Quote Originally Posted by Broak View Post
    I have no doubt that the new ArticGunZ development team is working hard, I hope to see these updates as soon as possible.
    pero hasta cuando vas a jalar bola por mod maldita mascota presentate nulo

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