Well come on, I know I will receive a lot of criticism because I'm new here, but decided to make this topic so that people who are aFront this game to mobilize and come improves this game.

To Owners

First owners of this game, you should take it but seriously, hire but developers so you can program so that the game has but security because these three days saw so many hacker and many other things, I think with a good developer can this problem be easily solved.

To Administrators

You have to be more organized concerning this game, after the absence of the owners you have full responsibility for the staff of this game, then you can hire new people with more experience to help develop this game.

To Developers

You have to develop new things to attract more people to this game, you are with the responsibility of every month or twice a week show us some new as new feature in the game and in your web you are responsible for people sees this game with the top of the game for so develop new things to all players disclose this game

To Global Moderators

Hire some Moderators of each language it helped a lot, because people do not always have questions in the language of some Global moderators, doing this things fell into place, and doubts about many things will be answered in the questioner's language.

ArticGunz GM

On them is the question, whether they are GM to serving Ev Moderators, that's unnecessary because in fact GM they are responsible for past events and tournaments, therefore values ​​the GM or even hire new experienced people at events .

ArticGunz EM

They are unnecessary for it to end GM Game Master games for so unnecessary and so this type of functionality.

Att: Veraxiel