Hello everyone,

It's the beginning of August, and it's tournament time!

We are going to start the clan qualifications right off the bat, this will be on the first day of August (August 1st) until the 14th. The top 16 clans who are on the rankings will be able to qualify for our Summer Tournament!

Tournament Specifications:

- Qualifying dates are between the 1st and the 14th of August, top 16 clans qualify.
- 4v4 Tournament, 2 subs are aloud. (Prizes will be given to the Line up + Subs)
- The First few rounds will occur on August 17th-18th (Saturday and Sunday)
- Semi-finals and Finals will occur on the 24th of August. (Saturday)
- Timings for matches will be announced soon.

Player requirements:

- Maximum HP/AP will be 120/110.
- No donors and No event items are allowed.

We will update you with more information along the first week of August, we will also be providing you with the precise timings for each matches shortly.
Brackets and Line ups will be posted after qualifications are completed.
We will also be announcing the winners of the tournament and the MVPs at the end along with the replays and the results.
Thank you for participating in the Artic GunZ Summer Tournament 2013.

ArticGunZ Staff.